We believe that hemp is the future. We also believe that it’s more important than ever that you understand how products are made. Therefore we made a visual presentation of the journey from the hemp crop to the creation of hemp fabrics. This will enable you to learn about the benefits and beauty of hemp.

The textile industry has grown to be one of the most polluting industries in the world. This needs to change. The currently used raw materials for most textile products are damaging the planet beyond repair. We are convinced that the world needs to use more plant based fibers to produce better sustainable textiles. We would like to inform consumers about the necessity of developing more environmentally friendly products. We want to share our knowledge and appreciation for hemp as a raw material for textile products, as it provides so many ecological benefits and solutions for global problems.

Using hemp as a raw material offers a great solution for reducing pollution in the textile industry. Hemp requires less water in both cultivation and processing of the crop as well as turning fibers into textiles as compared to cotton. The use of fresh water is commonly referred to as the most important aspect of producing sustainable products. The hemp crop is also globally known for its natural growth efficiency. The hemp crop requires minimal land, water and no synthetic fertilizers. The hemp plants are also naturally protected against insects and pests and thus need minimal pesticides and no herbicides during growth. Altogether, these natural benefits of hemp are why this crop is often referred to as Earth's most environmentally positive crop.

We are devoted to create premium textile products based on hemp fibers. To us premium is about providing optimal quality and supreme comfort. But it is maybe even more about making better products, to offer true value, without compromising the environment. Together we can create a balance between people, earth and economy.