We have launched our new website! We've worked incredibly hard to reach our goal and are very proud of the result. Through the new website, you can place your orders online with ease.

Exploring hemp

HMPLB is an acronym for Hemplab and stands for innovation, sustainability and hemp. The exploration of hemp is one of our main objectives. We are investing our energy into researching the possibilities and innovation of hemp as a fabric. We see hemp as a fabric for life and strive to inspire you to invest in responsible products. So together we can shape a better and more sustainable world.

HMPLB products

We create premium hemp-based textile products for day to day use. Our journey starts with bedding and grocery bags. You can order these products now on our website. Through further research and innovation of hemp fabric, we’re aiming to broaden our product range for you. Our hope is that one day your home and wardrobe will be enriched with beautiful hemp based products.

Quality & Comfort with Organic vibes

HMPLB stands for quality and our products are designed for utmost comfort. We use the beauty of nature as our endless well of inspiration. So, all of our products are imbued with organic vibes. The colors we use are based on organic, natural and earthly colors.


Sustainability is a big part of HMPLB. Every division of our organization is designed for making the least amount of ecological impact on the world. From our production to our offices, we choose for a sustainable solution with minimal harm to nature. There is a delicate balance in which we can take without irreversible consequences. HMPLB wants to contribute to the balance between people, earth and economy.