We are promoting hemp because we believe this resource can change the textile and fashion industry and even the world.

We’re unable to do this alone, and we therefore strive to build an organization in which you are involved and informed about how we use our resources. We carefully select our partners and make sure no resources are lost within our value chain. The environment is protected during all steps of our work.

We want to build a close knit community where everyone shares the same mission and life values. Because it’s very important to connect with like minded people, we continuously share the steps of our journey, our thoughts and ideas, so you can be a part of it. During many brainstorm sessions we’ve tried to figure out what HMPLB stands for as a brand. We feel that HMPLB as a brand is an extension of our own personalities and therefore we want to share our brand identity with you, so you can get to know us even better. In addition our brand identity is constantly evolving as we, our brand and our community evolves.

Our brand identity is based on the brand archetype analysis and provides the most important building blocks of our brand identity. Let us know what you think.