We love to connect with people that share our vision and values. We believe that togetherness and collaboration is the way to make great things happen. Therefore we are always on the lookout for people and companies that also strive for a balance between earth, people and economy.

EOne of our objectives is to fill your house with great sustainable hemp products. In our journey, we met a great interior designer that wanted to help us achieve this. We’re happy to announce our collaboration with “DITISDIL.” We believe that her taste, style, values and overall interior design philosophy matches our own.

Introduction DITISDIL

““My whole life I’ve been occupied with interiors. When I was younger I was always only drawing little houses, interiors or furniture. I used to endlessly play The Sims to build houses and design interiors and regularly redecorated my bedroom regarding layout, colors and self made stuff. This hasn’t really changed during the last few years. Except for the fact that it has all (fortunately) become a tad more professional.

After having organized the ‘Living&Co’ fair in Groningen for a couple of years, it was time to get involved with my life’s passion more directly. A year later I graduated with a degree for interior architecture and design and made dozens of people happy by helping them create a pleasant home.

I like a simplistic yet playful design, color and preferably with a large wink here and there. In addition I have a big heart for the world we are living in. This is why I like to use natural, high quality materials and try to combine with whatever you already have (and are happy with) as much as possible.

Not entirely unimportant: it is all about you! To make your house a real home. Not a showroom, but a pleasant and personal environment. Are you ready for your home?”

So if you are looking for someone to design your interior in a natural, sustainable and simplistic manner. Jildou Heida is the way to go. :)