As you know, we’re constantly looking for partners which share our passion for sustainability and which match with our brand and products. And that’s how we now met with Kim of Studio K2K! Kim is a creative and social woman, with a great eye for home decoration. That’s why we’re very enthusiastic to be working together with her! From now on our products will be a part of her home decoration advices.  

Home decoration is more than just choosing a product and finding a nice spot for it at home.
Read on to find out more about Kim.

Studio K2K inspiration

Kim has a unique view of interior design and gets most of her inspiration from Sweden. The combination of an enchanting nature with Swedish design. The air, the light, the space and the harmony. It all comes back in her mostly modern designs.

Swedish interior design often goes hand in hand with sustainability. That’s why our products match well with the design philosophy Kim has. We’re happy she shares this opinion and she enjoys working together with sustainable brands. Recycled materials, furniture or accessories do not detract from quality and appearance, better yet, they add to them.

You can contact Studio K2K for interior advice but also for practical home questions such as: 

  • Which paint looks good on this wall?
  • How to add more vibrancy or harmony to my home?
  • Is this furniture setup ideal? Or is another setup possible, and maybe better?

  • With the growing interest in sustainability, we hope we can make many people happy with local, sustainable and conscious products for your home. Because isn’t it beautiful to contribute to a clean planet while simultaneously enjoying your beautiful interior?

    Are you curious about Studio K2K? Then you should go by Kim sometime for a cup of coffee and be prepared to be amazed!