Circular Economy – HMPLB
We strive to minimize waste within the design process


Circular economy is not only about recycling and reusing products, it is even more about designing products in a way that no waste is created. HMPLB strives to create a completely circular value chain. This is accomplished by focusing on minimizing waste by design. HMPLB will invest time into developing zero waste patterns, using responsible packaging, optimizing logistics and will continually evolve to effectively respond and adapt to consumer needs.

In addition we want to stimulate consumers to return our products, by offering recycle discount codes. If there are no more ways to reuse the hemp fabrics, they will be composted to give back these valuable resources to nature.


HMPLB stands for retaining value. We genuinely hope that consumers will be appreciative of our beautiful materials and products. HMPLB helps consumers to take care of the products and supports consumers by offering repair services when products are damaged. Consumers are also incentivised to return products after use. Thus, no value will ever be lost.


All HMPLB products are created for durability. If the products are only partly damaged, they will be cleaned, recovered and returned to their original state.


If the products are damaged in a way that they cannot be restored to the original state, they will be completely or partly repurposed. In this way no value will be lost.


If the material is damaged in a way that it cannot be reused, it will be reduced to fibers by our recycling partners. The fibers can then be used for new hemp-based textiles.


Hemp is a natural product, so it has the benefit that it can be composted. Our products are developed in a way that results in easy biodegradation. Once the materials cannot be used anymore, they will be composted and the resources will be given back to nature.