Fair Production – HMPLB
Everyone deserves a good working environment and living conditions

Fair Production

Products should be made in an ethical and fair manner, which is exactly how our products are made. We choose to work only with partners who value and treat their employees with respect. After all, everyone deserves a good working environment and living conditions. HMPLB stands for equality and we only work with parties that share our standards and values.


We strive for a harmony between the economy, earth and people. In our journey, we seek partners with the same ideology. We are proud to say we have found partners that completely understand and support our vision. Together we can inspire a change for a better future for the textile industry and the world.



Suppliers Code of Conduct

We believe in an ethical and transparent way of business. We want to create our products in an honest and fair manner, while minimising harm to the earth and the people on it. HMPLB only chooses to work with companies that share this vision. Our Suppliers Code of Conduct shows the guidelines that we and our partners adhere to.


We believe everyone should have access to good labor conditions. We feel socially responsible to contribute to this cause, consequently we expect all employees to operate in a good, fair and safe environment. This extends to both employees operating directly under HMPLB, as well as employees working for our partners.

We expect employees to be fairly compensated for their services. To this end, HMPLB only works together with manufacturers, who offer offer their employees fair wages for their services.We believe fair wages reduce financial stress and as a result improve both the economy and lives.

We believe in fair prices all around. This means we pay our partners fair prices for their services, so they can pay their employees a fair wage and offer good labor conditions. This also extends to the pricing of our products; we offer our products to our customers at a fair price. Due to our transparency, our customers know exactly what they are paying for: a premium product, produced under good conditions at a fair price.

HMPLB pays manufacturers a fair price for their products and services, so the manufacturers can pay their laborers a fair price for their labor. So you always know that the product you bought from HMPLB has been created in a good and fair environment. Allowing you to be rest assured that all parties involved have received a fair portion of the price you pay for, ensuring a balance between economy, earth and people. Because in the end, we all have to work together to keep this earth in balance.