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Hemp Fabrics

It is also possible to buy our hemp fabrics as a company. Our hemp fabrics are 100% organically grown, harvested and manufactured on European soil.

Why hemp

Hemp is known as the most eco friendly crop. It uses less water, less land and minimal to no pesticides to grow and harvest when compared to other widely used crops for fibers. Therefore it leaves the smallest ecological footprint on our planet.

Properties of hemp fabrics

Hemp fabrics can be used to create any textile product. It is a great alternative to the most commonly used fabrics such as cotton. Hemp fabrics are:

- Antibacterial
- UV-resistant
- Strong and very durable
- Feels soft and natural
- Absorbs water
- It breathes so it’s perfectly suited for summer clothing or bedding

Color options

Dyeing - All of our fabrics are exclusively dyed with environmental positive dyes. No chemical bases for dyes, and all finishing is done with consideration to the ecological side effects of the process.

Request a sample pack

If you are interested in purchasing our fabrics, please contact us at info@hmplb and request a sample pack (€14,95).