Our Hemp – HMPLB
We use responsibly grown European hemp as our main raw material

We use hemp as our main raw material. As any raw material the origin is important to determine its quality and environmental impact. HMPLB highly values quality and environmental impact, therefore we select our raw materials with great care.


Our hemp is harvested in the northern region of Romania. We source it from multiple local, small scale, family owned hemp farms. The first use of hemp in Romania dates back to the VII century B.C., Romanian people have traditionally grown hemp for its fiber and are highly skilled in using the raw material to produce textile products. Therefore, you could say hemp has woven itself in Romanian history.

The soil and moisture conditions in Romania are very well suited for growing the hemp crop. Romanian lands are renowned for their fertile soils. The farmers do not use heavy fertilizers to grow their crops and therefore the soils are not depleted and remain natural, organic and fertile. The quality of hemp growing on Romanian land is excellent.


Growing the hemp is the first step, before it becomes a beautiful product, hemp has to go through several stages. We supervise every stage of the production to ensure the quality. This is done in a chemical-free way as opposed to most hemp originating from China.

Our manufacturing partner has been creating hemp textiles since 1960. With 60 years of hands-on experience the quality, craftsmanship and beauty of the created textiles speak for themselves.

Further processing of the hemp is done with a combination of ancient and modern techniques. These techniques are known as scutching and hackling. No chemicals are used in this process, which results in a more durable product.


Besides sourcing the best available organic material, we consider the environment in all aspects of preparing, processing and finishing our products. Therefore we choose to dye our products with natural dyes only. The dyes that we use for our products are based on an innovative swiss technology from CHT, leader in eco-friendly dyes manufacturing. All dyes we use are GOTS certified fiber reactive dyes. By using these dyes we are able to make sure that cleansing, dyeing and waterproofing happens without the use of harmful substances. We are delighted to work with partners that care as much about the environment as we do. This allows us to provide beautiful products of excellent quality and comfort, without compromising our environmental impact.