Recycle – HMPLB

Recycle discount

We highly value our material and resources and we hope you do as well.

Therefore we want to help you to help us. With every order you receive a return and recycle form. After use you can return your item, we would like you to attach the recycle form so we can process the returned fabric. Once we receive the item with the form attached we will send you a personal recycle discount code, which will grant you a 10% discount on your next order. Yes that is the next order, not just the next product.

Because we really want to stimulate you to send back our products, we allow you to use the code on any next order, non-dependent of the price. Use it to your advantage. You will not only help yourself, but also the planet.


Shipping costs for returns are at your own expense. But don’t worry we will also host used product collection points at our HMPLB pop-up stores, so you can easily drop off your product and receive your discount.

Help us help the planet.